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How do I know my Flyers went out?

Once Your Interactive

Paperless Flyer Delivery Starts So Does Our Tracking ...

We will send you your first report in 24 hours, showing you how may flyers went out, how many people clicked on it, how many people looked at the flyer and what  zip code they are in.

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With our analytics we can even tell you the day and time someone went into your location after seeing your flyer!

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We will give you a summary that shows

clicks, visits, location and show how each ad performed.

A GIANT Plus about Mobile App Marketing is the TRACKING!

With this technology we can track how many people get your ad, click it, look at it for an extended amount of time and even go to your location.

Because of this technology we can retarget the people that showed interest in what you have to offer with a separate follow up message. Awesome technology!

"A report showing daily info, click through rate and locations on a map."

Some other info you can Discover...

✔️ The areas that are responding to your product.

✔️  The demographics that are interested in your product.

✔️  The apps showing your ads.

✔️ In some cases almost to the house where your activity is coming from

Target your potential customer!

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