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Once You Have Your Interactive

Paperless Flyer Let's Get it Delivered...

We Deliver Your Flyer Through Mobile Apps Using Location-Based Marketing Technology

IPF_mobile apps

We design 5 ads to deliver your Flyer with over 125K different mobile apps. We Geotarget around a location, Zip code or city, also target the Demographic in your chosen Geotarget Market.

We can also target a particular Audience, for example recently moved, parents, Gluten Free, Car Enthusiast, Athlete just about any group you can think of.

With our cutting edge location-based marketing technology we get a unique view of physical consumer behavior, like where they are, where they’ve been, and predict where they may go next and even account for localized Weather conditions. We can set your ads to only show in certain areas during particular weather conditions. Weather campaigns have one of the highest click through rates.

You may already be thinking "I know what this is" maybe, but probably don't.

I can tell you what location-based marketing technology is not-


✔️  It is Not Google Ads


✔️ It is Not Pay Per Click


✔️ It is Not Facebook or Instagram ads

church mobile aps_IPF

Now for What it is...

It is hyper local banner ads that are displayed on mobile apps that are independently programmed to target zip codes, business locations or promotions.


5 mobile ads for a Texas church that show how far you are from the church when the ad is displayed!


A GIANT Plus about Mobile App Marketing is the TRACKING!

With this technology we can track how many people get your ad, click it, look at it for an extended amount of time and even go to your location.

Because of this technology we can retarget the people that showed interest in what you have to offer with a separate follow up message. Awesome technology!

"A report showing daily info, click through rate and locations on a map."

Here's What You'll Discover...

✔️ Your Brand will become more       recognized.

✔️  Your business and credibility        can increase.


✔️  You will have more activity to        your own website and social          media sites.


✔️ You are able to market your           company like Fortune 500             companies with out the large       commitment and budget.


Target your potential customer!

IPF_4 mobile ads.png
Portrait of a Man

Charles H.

Absolutely great and Very dedicated people, very local, extremely knowledgeable, and Very affordable, don't choose any one else....these people are the solution to your problem!

Cleaning Products

J&J Cleaning

J&J Services is a residential cleaning service in San Antonio. We provide quality, dependable and reliable cleaning services. We hired Fast Gorilla and Shay to help us with marketing our business. We designed and printed all our print materials with Fast Gorilla. They were very easy to work with and delivered everything on time. My business cards and flyers look great! Please give Shay a call.

Wild Horses

Ryan G.

The design turn around time is the best I’ve ever dealt with. The quality of the printed items is great as well.

Here's Everything You Get...

 ✔️ Design, we will design your 5 mobile ads to advertise your Interactive Paperless Flyer ($75 value)


 ✔️ Target, we will target your direct market using, Geotargeting, Demographics, Audience, Weather         and even competition


 ✔️ Deliver, we will delivery your ads through over 125K mobile apps to your target market for 14                days. We will target 1,500 to 3,000 people a day.


 ✔️ Track, we will track how many ads go out, how many people look at it, click on it, where they are          coming from and in some cases if they walked into your location.

Location Based Marketing Technology Starts at Just $299!


"Click Through Guarantee"

With this type of campaign a click a certain CTR is anticipated. A CTR of .33% is a viable campaign, .50% is a good Campaign and .72% is the goal and a great campaign. We Guarantee a CTR of .40% or your money back!

CTR - Click Through Rate

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