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Print Only

Print Only

This rate  is a print only option if you would like to do the mailing yourself and have a print ready design.

Is there a correct size and weight for the postcard?

Yes.  Minimum Size: Be greater than either 6 1/8 inches high or 10.5 inches long on one side. Maximum Dimensions: No side can be longer than 15 inches or 12 inches high. Weight: Cannot weigh more than 3.03 ounces. Thickness: Must be thicker than 0.007″ and less than .

Will they let me mail it anyway?

No.  The post office is very strict about the requirements.  We understand the rules and stay in compliance.  The two sizes we offer are both accepted by the post office.


Will you do the  Mailing for me?

Yes.  We offer a semi D.I.Y. option for only $200, when you order 5,000 postcards from us.

We will package your flyers for mailing with all needed mailing slips and deliver them to one post office for you, each additional post office is $30.

We will help you set up a account and help you select the areas.  Once you are happy with  the areas you can pay the USPS the postage directly.  We will then log into the account and print all forms and get your print ready for mail and deliver it to the post office.  Once delivered we will send you a receipt verification from the US post office.

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EDDM-Bundles fast gorilla
fast gorilla print

I don't have a design do you have templates?

sau_linkedin_review fast gorilla

No, we do not use templates everything we have is custom.  We have a small design fee for in house print starting at only $75.

We will send you proofs and make changes before we print any project.

Be The Bull!

Everyone is Looking for a Great Deal! Direct mail now available to rural restricted and gated areas. Print and postage, cheaper than a stamp!

  • How do I use it?
    Save it on mobile phone homescreen for easy acsess. Send to new callers right away via text, they will have all your info before they get a call back from your competitor. Share with contacts and existing customers. Share on social media and it is deliverable with tracking.
  • Why do I need it?
    You can quickly Introduce your brand, offers and services. Give potential customer your info faster than your competition. Easily start a text dialog with potential customers. You will be able to send contact info instantly. Info is downloaded and saved to their mobile device. Easily shareable, easily updated Easy way to break in to the digital market. Cost less than print Can be delivered through diffrent venues Trackable A new tool to add to what you have or a good first tool to add to your “Marketing Tool Box”.

We can do it all or just the print...

fastg postoffice line

√  Custom design your postcard

 Print awesome high quality post cards


Choose the best mail route options


 Package all pieces for mail

√ Deliver it to the post office

We stand in line  so you don't have to!

allwire fast gorills

Ardy B.

Had a great experience. Got the job done quickly. We needed to make a deadline for a promotion. Fast Gorilla made it happen. Thanks! Looking forward to doing more business.

Cinch roofing logo fst gorilla

Marty G.

Fast Gorilla has always treated my company like it's a million dollar business. Shay has never wavered in her commitment to servicing our needs rather its flyers, mailers and business cards. I appreciate everything!!

paintball ops fast gorilla

Isaac B.

Thank You Fast Gorilla Marketing For Your Sponsorship Once Again And Continued Support To Our Paintball Community After All These Years. You Have Made This Year A Very Special One With Your Outstanding Flyer Products. We’re Forever Grateful...Thank You!

-PaintballOps San Antonio.


If You Choose Print and Mail Service


We will design your postcard for free!  The free design does not include logo design, character build or anything else that has a premium design fee.

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