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"Reports, Apps, Ads, Sizes " ...

fast gorilla originating aps

This is a days activity on our analytics system.

Originating sites a flyer was viewed.

What that means is...

These are the sites people where on when they clicked your banner ad.

Your banner ad will be in good company, many of the other banner ads are from fortune 500 companies and your business is showing just the same as theirs, with less cost. 

Google ads appear on apps also, the difference in your ad and Google ads are Google ads are mostly pay-per-click yours is not.   

You will not receive an additional bill for your campaigns, Click Through Rate (CTR).

App Categories Available

What that means is...

These are publisher categories this option allows you to limit the category of applications that your ad will be seen on.

If there is a group that your brand does not target to we can exclude them in the campaign.

Ipf_App Catagories

News and weather apps have the highest delivery


What are Banner ads...

Banner ads are image-based rather than text-based and are a popular form of online advertising. The purpose of banner advertising is to promote a brand and/or to get visitors from the host website to go to the advertiser's website.


We usually design 5 banner ads for your campaign, one is a gif. 

We will send you a proof of the ads before they go live.

Each ad has its own tracking. 


We can tell you how many ads were delivered, clicked and viewed!

fast gorilla Sample Ads

What is a Gif?

a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.

Do you want to provide your own banner ads?...

These are the 5 sizes we use most.  If you would like them to all be gifs and you provide them that is fine.

They must be working and appropriate or they will get kicked back, we will help you stay in compliance.

Your provided banner ads will have the same tracking information available.

Remember in designing ads, less text is better on small ads!

Designing your own ads does not eliminate any set-up, hosting and design fee.

fast gorilla adsizes
premier mobile ads 2
premier mobile ads
premier mobile ads 4
premier mobile ads 3

Sample Ads

One ad is a gif and the other a static ad.

Some ads only need enough movement to attract the viewers eye.

Reports from Actual Campaigns...

fast gorilla storage
fast gorilla Report_roofing

We Can Report...


√  The number of ads that went out


 How many people clicked on your  ad (CTR Rate)


The number of people that looked at it (Reach)

 The area they came from (Location)

 If a brick and mortar location how many people visited your location who saw the ad. (Visits)

We can give you the first report in 24 hours after campaign has started!

Request Your Own Campaign 

We will send you a screenshot of actual programming for a campaign designed especially for you.  The campaign can be adjusted as needed.

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