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"Your Own Custom

Interactive Paperless Flyer" ...

What is an Interactive Paperless Flyer?

It is a downloadable, shareable flyer that can be delivered mobile to mobile. It is interactive and engages customers and potential customers to take action.

What does it do and how is it interactive?

It is a designed to have multiple actions, an automatic downloadable flyer, email and lead capture. The flyer also connects to your website, phone, social media and live google maps, if needed. The flyer can have video, ours or yours, coupons or discounts and can be quickly updated.


Why Now?

Since the start of social distancing we were forced to make changes to our door to door delivery service! So now is the time...

We have seen a need for digital marketing, other than only social media marketing. We have developed a system to incorporate a paperless flyer into our list of services. We have also found the need for strong analytics for any direct marketing campaign. If you are interested in having your Paperless Flyer delivered, we have developed a system to use our flyer delivery skills for door to door marketing to also work in mobile to mobile marketing through mobile apps.

This system is not Google ads, it is not based of search history rather GPS technology. We send ads to apps based of where people go, how they shop and who they interact with. It is not a pay per click system!

How are Interactive Paperless Flyers Different from a Website or Traditional Flyers?

It is a simple flexible method of getting your add out fast!

"Studies have shown most people spend more time with their phones than any people or other objects."
  • How do I use it?
    Save it on mobile phone homescreen for easy acsess. Send to new callers right away via text, they will have all your info before they get a call back from your competitor. Share with contacts and existing customers. Share on social media and it is deliverable with tracking.
  • Why do I need it?
    You can quickly Introduce your brand, offers and services. Give potential customer your info faster than your competition. Easily start a text dialog with potential customers. You will be able to send contact info instantly. Info is downloaded and saved to their mobile device. Easily shareable, easily updated Easy way to break in to the digital market. Cost less than print Can be delivered through diffrent venues Trackable A new tool to add to what you have or a good first tool to add to your “Marketing Tool Box”.

Some of the Features Your

Interactive Paperless Flyer can Include...


√  Downloadable  Flyer

 Links, phone,  email, website


√ Lead  generation contact info box company about info


 Video and Facebook links


 and more!

Watch Premier's Interactive Paperless Flyer in action! See how easy it is to download to a a device and save with the "Tap to Save" promt...
Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 12.44.16

Ardy B.

Had a great experience. Got the job done quickly. We needed to make a deadline for apromotion. Fast Gorilla made it happen. Thanks! Looking forward to doing more business.


Marty G.

Fast Gorilla has always treated my company like it's a million dollar business. Shay has never wavered in her commitment to servicing our needs rather its flyers, mailers and business cards. I appreciate everything!!


Isaac B.

Thank You Fast Gorilla Marketing For Your Sponsorship Once Again And Continued Support To Our Paintball Community After All These Years. You Have Made This Year A Very Special One With Your Outstanding Flyer Products. We’re Forever Grateful...Thank You!

-PaintballOps San Antonio.

Here's Everything You Get For Only $99...

Your Own Interactive Paperless Flyer

Downloadable shareable flyer with links and special promotions ($199 Value)

Updates as Needed

We will update your flyer as needed with specials and promotions. Most updates are live in 2 business days. (small monthly service fee)

Hosting and Mobile App Delivery Access

We will host your page and give you the option for mobile app delivery, through location based marketing technology.


Claim FREE Hosting with Delivery!


If you choose mobile app delivery, we will give you a Free Hosting for a year ($110 value)

This is an optional service and we will save your credits for when you are ready to boost your brand!


The "Fast G" Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with your mobile flyer. You can discontinue hosting and option for mobile app delivery at any time. We will convert your paperless flyer to a traditional  8.5 x 11 flyer. We will send you print ready art. Specs: CMYK, 300dpi, full bleed, pdf

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